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The ‘Sunday Orphan’ was started as a way for me to post Biz’s pics that didn’t fit into a specific category or gallery. These days, since we’ve got more Galleries, it’s generally just a way for me to make sure I put up at least one new image in a week because I’m easily distracted and forgetful. Many of these aren’t technically ‘Orphans’ anymore, but it’s a good name, so unless you’ve got something better, Orphans they remain..

  • Dark Judges Trading Card Images May 18, 2014

    From Steve Riley’s ComicArtFans profile come Dredd’s greatest nemeses – The Dark Judges! Additional thanks to David Hitchcock for the prelim of Judge Fire!


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  • Sunday Thing – Boobs, Beast, Barbarian… September 30, 2012

    This is the first Sunday Thing for a while because my wife had a baby and the entire house smells like baby farts and I don’t have any free time anymore… Anyway, here’s a good sketch to make up for it… Thanks to Dylan Kendle, whose collection this comes from. Also, make sure you go see Simon at the Las Vegas Comic Expo! DO IT NOW!

    Happy Sunday!

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  • Sunday Thing, a little late. September 4, 2012

    …But there’s a good reason. My wife delivered our baby on Sunday, and quite honestly my mind wasn’t really on updating the site at that point.


    Anyway, thanks to Reed Comics there’s this lovely portrait of Artemisia from the upcoming Famous Women book.

    I’ve got to get some sleep. This boy’s a screamer…

    (Important note: BIZ DID NOT WRITE THIS! Please don’t start congratulating Simon on his newborn son, this is the work of FINCHER the site admin. Thanks!)

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  • Sunday Thing – Warcraft August 26, 2012

    These might well be repeats. I honestly can’t remember, but even if they are – they deserve another airing! thanks to the russian warcraft site in the URL on the bottom of the images.

    Don’t forget – the Official Bisley Store is Open! Click Here
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  • Sunday Thing – Lunatik August 19, 2012

    Sorry things are a little late this week… I’ve been taking care of some stuff…

    Anyway, suggested by Intense Art of Simon Bisley there’s this painting for Lunatik (1994) – bears more than a passing resemblance to Hellblazer cover #297, no?


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  • Sunday Thing – War August 12, 2012

    This one’s a prize in the current Heavy Metal FHOTA competition


    Heavy Sunday!

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  • Sunday Thing – Faerie August 5, 2012

    Not sure where I found this, can’t remember what it’s in reference to, but this delightful young lady is today’s Sunday Thing.

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  • Sunday Thing – Tower Chronicles Preview July 15, 2012

    This Sunday Thing is a bit special – it’s the Legendary sneak peak at the Tower Chronicles, drawn by Biz and coloured by Ryan Brown…
    Click Here to go to the Tower Chronicles Facebook Page…
    Happy Sunday!

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  • Sunday Thing – Deathstroke Prelim July 8, 2012

    This week I’ve written the Sunday Thing from back in time… By the time you read this, I’ll be on holiday with no internet access and no way to get you your weekly Bisley… So here I am, from waaaaay back in last week, scheduling this for now.

    Prelim for what I can only assume is Deathstroke #3 (given the characters,) unused.

    Happy Sunday!

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  • Sunday Thing – Naked Lady Sketch (with Tigers) July 1, 2012

    This week we have a bit of classic Biz pencilwork… This quite lovely prelim!


    (Thanks to GM Art at ComicArtFans)
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  • Sunday Thing – The Black Hole June 24, 2012

    From the collection of the ever-glorious Simon Reed :

    The piece that really cemented Biz as a new, exciting talent to be reckoned with… the cover to ABC Warriors : The Black Hole!

    Happy Sunday!

    (and a belated thank you to James for finding this…)

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  • Sunday Update – Death Dealer June 17, 2012

    This week I’ve dug up a Biz classic character…
    Death Dealer!

    Happy Sunday!

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  • Sunday Update – Speakeasy June 10, 2012

    This Sunday’s piccy is a cover from Speakeasy in the mid ’90s, from the ComicArtFans Gallery of Stephen Riley… Cheers and Happy Sunday!


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  • A Day Late and a Dollar Short… June 4, 2012

    Yeah yeah yeah, I didn’t get a Sunday Update online yesterday. I forgot, it was sunny out, whatever… Actually, I have a valid family excuse. 😉

    To make it up to you bunch of bastiches, here’s a pencil and a colour version of some internal Hellblazer stuff coming up in the House of Wolves storyline…


    (Thanks to IAOSB for the heads up!)
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  • Sunday Update – Mutant Knight May 27, 2012

    From front and back, the Mutant Knight. You wouldn’t want to watch him eat.

    Happy Sunday!


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  • Sunday Update – Snow Leopard Figure May 20, 2012

    From Heavy Metal’s website (back in 2007 when Eastman used to Blog,) comes this sculpture of Bisley’s classic ‘Snow Leopard’ image from the 2002 Heavy Metal Calendar….


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  • Sunday Update – Cool Animal Head Thing May 13, 2012

    I don’t have any fraggin’ idea what this is, or where it came from, but it’s exceedingly cool.

    Somebody will, I’m sure, enlighten me, but for now… Happy Sunday!

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  • Sunday Update – Springheeled Jack May 6, 2012

    This is the cover for Springheeled Jack #3. From the Reed Comics Website where the original is for sale :

    “Torn apart by unbelievable circumstance, a man stands on the edge of sanity as he tries to come to terms with the horrific events which left him scarred for life. After witnessing his beloved wife’s abduction Jack Rackham is beset with guilt, for he could do nothing to stop it. Whatever the creature was, it was most assuredly not of this earth. Ridiculed and ignored by the authorities he is forced to take matters into his own hands…”

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  • Sunday Orphan – Deathrod for Danzig April 29, 2012


    This Sunday we’ve got a piece Simon did for Verotik featuring Danzig in full-on Misfits mode (and a lover in the passenger seat!)

    Happpy Sunday!

    (In vaguely related news, Sunday Orphan will become Sunday Update next week!)

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  • Sunday Orphan – Cryptid / Kipling McKay April 22, 2012

    Kipling Mckay, star of Cryptid, surrounded by his adversaries. This was published as page 12 of the Cyptid Preview Comic in 2006

    From Previews :
    “Cryptid is a story created in the spirit of the classic pulp adventures of the 1930’s. Protagonist Kipling McKay is a soldier/big game hunter cast in the mold of such great pulp heroes as Doc Savage or Alan Quartermain; He has been recruited by a secret society of cryptozoologists to hunt down and capture creatures of legend known as “Cryptids.” During Kip’s adventures he joins forces with a powerful Yeti and a beautiful scientist. The story has heaping doses of suspense, action adventure and humor.”

    Happy Sunday!

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  • Sunday Orphan – Gaunt Grimm April 8, 2012

    This is a pencil-concept piece Simon did for Stan Winston Studios in 2004…

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  • Sunday Orphan – Splatterhouse April 1, 2012

    This week’s Orphan comes courtesy of Joe Pineapples over at the Intense Art of Simon Bisley FB page. Apparently, “Some Dude from DC” just posted it, so if you know (or are) the Dude, a sincere Thank You!

    Happy Sunday!

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  • Sunday Orphan – Melting Pot Cover #4 March 25, 2012

    The cover from Melting Pot #4 is this week’s Sunday Orphan… I’ll be updating this with a full Melting Pot gallery before too long, but this ought to keep you sated for now!

    “The Melting Pot is a graphic novel by Kevin Eastman, Simon Bisley and Eric Talbot. 

    Eastman and Talbot collaborated on the story, while Eastman and Bisley worked together on the painted artwork. The comic was serialized in four issues released in 1993 and 1994 by Kitchen Sink Press. A 144-page paperback volume collecting the series followed in 1995.
    In November 2007, Eastman published a new 170-page version of the story, filling an entire issue of Heavy Metal magazine. The 2007 version is substantially different from the original series, with an expanded, more coherent narrative and new artwork by Eastman, Bisley, and Rob Prior.” (from Wikipedia)


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  • Sunday Orphan – Motorhead ’95 March 18, 2012

    From way back in ’95 comes this issue of Motorhead, about which i know almost nothing… please feel free to email me/comment below if you have any further information! Happy Sunday!

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  • Sunday Orphan – Deva Shard March 11, 2012

    From the DevaShard Wikipedia page :

    DevaShard is a manhua series projected to run for a total of 25 graphic books, with each book being 52 pages long. The first book in the series is DevaShard: At First Light It is the first publication from Fluid Comics.”

    The story is inspired by the ancient Indian mythological text the Mahabharata and focuses around the life story of the character Karna.”

    It also says that a movie version has been optioned, so that’ll be interesting…


    Found this development sketch among the rubble…

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  • Sunday Orphan – Were-Bat February 26, 2012

    Don’t forget, kids! Biz is in London this weekend at the Super ComicCon – drop by and share the love! (and the Alka-Seltzer…)

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  • Sunday Orphan – Maura February 19, 2012

    From Berserker Press : “In a small Northeastern town where no death goes unnoticed, male corpses have begun to surface.
    Each victim has been found wearing a crude, silver band on their cold and lifeless ring finger. And the bodycount continues to rise…
    A date with death is a small price to pay for those who’ve tasted her bittersweet nectar…”

    Well done, you’ve survived another week. Happy Sunday!

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  • Sunday Orphan – Siberian Tiger February 12, 2012

    This week we’re returning to the ‘animal’ theme with this beauty. Tiger vs. Wolves, channeled by Bisley. Happy Sunday!

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  • Sunday Orphan – Ink Demon February 5, 2012

    …because i don’t have any background for this one, anybody who has any idea about what the hell (sic) this image relates to should post in the comments below.

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  • Sunday Orphan – Voodoo January 29, 2012

    I Caught this bad boy care of Joe Pineapples earlier in the week and loved it…

    On a related note, I’m a little lean for actual ‘orphans’ so i might rename this feature Sunday Paint or something. Ideas in the comments below please!

    Otherwise, enjoy your weekend and this grungy piece of Bisley goodness!

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  • Sunday Orphan – Horses January 22, 2012

    I honestly don’t remember if i’ve already put this up, but i really like this one. It’s not what you expect from Bisley, and for that alone it deserves a showing.

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  • Sunday Orphan – Holokaust January 15, 2012

    Some Vintage Biz from the last millenium, thanks to Siân

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  • Sunday Orphan – The Black Death January 1, 2012

    This brilliant one-sheet for The Black Death is incredibly hard to find… i called the production company and they told me that only a handful had been printed for promotional purposes, so if you’ve got one, hold on to it!

    Favourite bits: Sean Bean’s face, the wolves at the bottom of the page, the fact that I’ve survived into the New Year with my liver intact…

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  • Christmas Orphan December 23, 2011

    Because Sunday’s Christmas and you’re not getting an update (stop whining!), and this isn’t terribly festive, i thought i’d post this week’s orphan a little early. In the spirit of the season, it’s a triple-header…

    This one is a genuine oddity: Designed by Biz for Nike in 2003, this features Michael Vick (quaterback for the Atlanta Falcons at the time,) as a Minotaur standing over the demolished body of a robot lineman… You’ve also got what i can only guess are preliminary draft compositions for the same piece (note the ‘Falcons’ overhead…)

    Have a Happy Holiday, whatever you worship!

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  • Sunday Orphan – Crusades December 18, 2011

    Because it’s nearly Christmas, here’s a special Sunday Orphan for you…
    The pencils were executed by Bisley and then painted by Greg Staples (although knowing those two, there may have been some crossover!) to produce this amazing piece…

    (and i know, techically these aren’t Orphans since they’d fit in the Warriors Gallery, but it’s the thought that counts…)

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  • Sunday Orphan – ABC Warrior December 11, 2011

    This is a piece which Simon produced as a promo for Forbidden Planet… the information I have says it’s an ABC Warrior (although it’s not one i recognise from the original 7,) but it’s still a magnificent example of Biz Robo-Mechanics. And the tiger doesn’t hurt either…

    (Leave a Comment to correct me, I’m happy to update if you have more information)

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  • Sunday Orphan – Kevin Eastman’s 35 Days (part 2) December 4, 2011

    Following up on last weeks’ Eastman image, here’s the other Biz pic he’s using in the ’35 days’ event. It’s already somewhere else in the Galleries, but i’m buggered if i can remember where, plus it looks pretty cool with the masthead an’ all…

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  • Sunday Orphan – Kevin Eastman’s 35 Days (part 1) November 27, 2011

    …and then there’s this from Heavy Metal’s Kevin Eastman… Someday, i want Biz to paint me on a throne with Lord Tyler behind me…


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  • Sunday Orphan – Alien November 20, 2011

    This pic has no specific Gallery (yet) and i have a few ‘orphans’ so i thought i’d put up a Sunday Orphan Picture for the next few weeks. Click him to see the full image.


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