Bisley comes home to Heavy Metal

Simon is very proud to announce this new Brooklyn Gladiator cover for internationally famous publication Heavy Metal… You can visit the official Heavy Metal website here, or follow Simon’s official instagram account here!

New Art!

To take the edge off what has been a pretty crappy 12 months for THE ENTIRE WORLD, Simon has released this new take on the classic Tarzan. Enjoy.

Salty Dogs Kickstarter Updated with ORIGINAL BIZ ART

e Salty Dogs is a new card game from longtime Bisley collaborators Berserker Art. Suitable for ages 8 and up, it features numerous character designs by Biz and is available for you to check out at their website…

Space Bastards include Biz!

Look, there were these two kids who once dreamed of making a comic for adults that was the most balls-to-the-wall kinetic action sardonic sci-if story of all time…

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