Berserker to crowdfund Biz Artbook

In I-haven’t had-time-to-keep-this-shit-updated news, earlier this week Berserker launched and damn near funded a Kickstarter for the Simon Bisley 2018 Artbook.

From the fundraiser, Simon had this to say:

it’s been over 10 years since my first Sketchbook, compiled of commissions and unpublished work, it was sold out within the first week of publication. I have been repeatedly asked when I would produce my next Sketchbook. I have been super busy but I am happy to finally announce that I am going to create my 2nd Sketchbook by way of a Kickstarter Project, the new sketchbook with have a minimum 56 pages, at least 30 of these will be full colour.

Images in this sketchbook will include many previously unpublished work, including, Babes, Hellblazer, Batman, Sandman, Slaine, Marvel, DC and some Horror images.

Hearing a lot of fans telling me that they would love sketches but have been unsuccessful at Comic Conventions. I wanted to try an innovative way for all fans to get a sketch by creating a “Virtual” Comic Con, no queuing, no waiting around, no disappointment, all this and a new Art Book.

If our funding goal of £20k, is met before the Campaign ends, I will set new milestones and stretch goals based around adding more interior pages and possibly a new limited cover.

My ultimate aim is to create an expansive art book filled with my own work and ideas. This all takes a long time and considerable effort. I cannot do it on my own I need help from you guys!

Money from this campaign will go towards producing this Sketchbook. It will also buy me some valuable breathing space, allowing me time to create some personal art.

So let’s push this over the edge! There’s a tiny amount needed to reach the goal, so if you haven’t had a chance to contribute, get your arse over there and let’s get this book printed!

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