About This Site

This website is the OFFICIAL fansite of the artwork of Simon Bisley. He’s seen it, he likes it, and on occasion he might even say something nice about it in public. Having said that, he doesn’t deal with it in any sort of operational capacity… That’s down to me, so don’t come here thinking you can get in touch with him or ask him questions, ‘cos all you’ll get is stupid answers written by me.

This is here because I like Simon’s artwork, and I want to share it with you. Some of the artwork is ‘rude.’ That means it has the nipples that Facebook won’t let you see, if that’s your bag.

I source this stuff from other websites, so occasionally i’ll piss somebody off by taking an image from their site that they’ve modified or photoshopped or something, which they seem to feel makes the image ‘theirs’. Unless you paid for it, sunshine, it ain’t yours. I fully expect to have images from this site show up in other arenas, so i’ll make you a deal: you don’t bitch about it, and I won’t bitch about it. If you have a serious reason why I shouldn’t be showing a particular image here, i’ll happily take it down.

I’d like to foster a sense of community here. We’re all Tribe, so let’s enjoy The Main Man’s work together. It’s what he’d want, plus if you want to buy me a beer sometime I’m sure he’d want that too.

Thanks for your attention.

Fincher (Admin)

The Official Fanpage for the appreciation of the amazing artwork of Simon 'Biz' Bisley