Ash Vs. Lobo & The DC Dead is Cartoony, Violent, Sweary Fun


This impressive fanfilm might well be the closest we’ll get to seeing Lobo onscreen.

I’m fine with that, if it means that the character is treated with the love and respect he’s shown here.

In WTFLOL‘s latest offering we’re treated to The Main Man (Derek Russo) taking on Ash (David Vonhippchen) and the assorted forces of the DC Universe with all the Grant/Bisley violence and humour we all remember from the comics.

Bringing the Main Man to life, uncensored, was a dream come true, and a task that would have been impossible without behemoth actor/producer Derek Russo in front of the camera, and special FX makeup artist Vanessa Rega behind it.

– Brian Rosenthal, Writer/Director/Editor

The makers are obviously fans – speech patterns, tics and catchphrases are all present and correct which makes this a joy to watch. You know how Lobo sounds in your head? Russo does an excellent job of being That Guy. The gravel-voiced asskicker. The Last Czarnian. Special mention to Lindsay Croucher as… um… A Character I Don’t Want to Spoil, holding her own as more than a scream queen.

I love this!

The spirit of Lobo will never die, as long as it’s with the fans! Yeaaargh!

– Simon Bisley

Brian Rosenthal puts the experience like this :

The thing I’d like to stress is how much of a team effort these kinds of fan productions are. The film would be pretty boring to listen to without my frequent collaborator Karl Anderson composing the amazingly intricate original score, or Steven Vazquez working his magic on sound design. And while I handled some of the more rudimentary Visual FX shots, the heavy lifting was done by Jason Forge (of Forgehouse Films) and Tobias Steiner (of Two‐Reel FX). Mention must be made of the cast as well, who were all awesome and totally comitted to going on this crazy adventure.

It takes a lot of talented people to come together and create a film, and while we may not have had anywhere near the money or resources that some of these other (recent) fanfilms have had, we always strive to do the absolute best we can with what we have,and hope that the final product speaks for itself. We’re fans. We’re filmmakers. Butmostly, we just geeks that wanna make cool stuff.

With the big screen adaptation of Lobo floundering in development hell, this might be the best chance to see a flesh-and-blood version, and based on this evidence I’d be OK with that. It’s made with care, a sense of humour and treats all the characters with the care and reverence they deserve; above all, it’s FUN!


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