Grant Morrison appointed as Editor-In-Chief of Heavy Metal

In news that may be relevant to your interests, Grant Morrison has been appointed Editor-In-Chief of stalwart publication Heavy Metal, effective from February next year.

As some of you may remember, Simon was part of the Heavy Metal explosion in the 80s and 90s; his signature style suited the magazine well, and both he and Kevin Eastman rode the wave of popularity through something of a golden age for both.

Morrison is probably best known for his gritty writing style exemplified in work like The Invisibles and Doom Patrol (which also featured a Bisley-at-his-best cover selection,) and his writing chops are being brought to bear in an ‘update’ of the classic sci-fi/fantasy/horror anthology. Will this mean a new era of Bisley at HM? Or will the overhaul eschew the classic style so beloved by fans? Time will tell…

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