“I’m going to miss him a great deal” – Herb Trimpe passes away at 75

Herb Trimpe, co-creator of Wolverine and comics veteran, passed away on Monday at the age of 75.

I won’t try to eulogize Herb. I never met the man and I can only appreciate his influence retrospectively. He was clearly an immense talent whose passion and enthusiasm for the artform and fans was well known. He will be missed by the friends, family and fans who knew him personally and through his groundbreaking work on Savage Dragon, Hulk, Wolverine and his teaching.

Simon was a huge fan of Herb’s, and sent this picture of a clearly starstruck Biz meeting the man in the days before his passing.

IMG_0509 copy
“My hero from my early teens. The man! Bless you Herb!!” – Simon Bisley, 2015


I would like to say the sad news of Herbs death comes a real shock because I was  only just hanging out with Herb over the last weekend and we were both laughing and joking ,having a great time, he was really full of life and  he had a real sparkle of life in his eyes as we talked.
Bless him with all my heart n soul, I’m going to miss him a great deal. As a school kid Herb’s art on the Hulk was my first inspiration in comics and I collected all the issues he did of the Hulk. I remember I’d run to the newsagent to see if there were any new Hulk comics out before I got on the bus to get to school  every mornings. I’m honoured and feel totally blessed that I eventually eventually got to meet Herb and hang out with him and shake his hand.
– Simon Bisley, 14th April 2015


It’s worth mentioning that Herb’s family have asked that in lieu of flowers, fans should donate to the Hero Initiative, an organisation Herb passionately supported.

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