Train keeps a’rollin’… What’s Next for Biz?

Hellblazer’s over. We’re just going to have to accept it. *sniff*

But Bisley ain’t done! Not by a long shot! Our good friend Joe Pineapples spoke to the Main Man this morning and had this to say :

Biz called this morning for a chat, so I thought I’d get the lowdown on recent events. Talking to Simon on the phone is a bit like lying between the rails of a Train Track as a Steam Train rumbles over you, you just hang on until its gone!

With regard to Hellblazer, he had this to say. ‘Nothing lasts forever, but I have really enjoyed working on the Character and am very interested in seeing where DC take John Constantine next’

Simon is currently hard at work on Book Four of ‘The Tower Chronicles’ for Legendary, Some trading card paintings of some of the main characters for Marvel, and a Satanika comic project with Danzig. In the meantime, Biz sends his love and regards to all of you…

We also have it on good authority that a couple of super-secret projects are in the works which I can’t say anything about but they’re pretty bloody exciting… More on them as we get more detail!

Thanks, Joe…

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