Overhauling the site : Countdown to Shutdown

I’ve been threatening to do it for a while, but this seems like the perfect time to actually shut the site down and do some spring cleaning.

It’s a year old, the Hellblazer covers are done, the template i’m using for the thing isn’t as flexible as i’d like, blah blah blah. So, on Monday 19th November 2012 I’ll be temporarily pulling the plug while I redesign the thing, dump the old plugins that don’t work (hello, Facebook update!) and generally sort out the massive amount of amazing art that Biz has created through the years!

When will it be back online? I really don’t know. A couple of days, probably. I’ll be putting up a curtain front page with an estimate of the reopening times. As Soon As Possible, I guess.

Anyway, in the meantime you can keep an eye on the timer in the top right hand side and it’ll tell you how long you’ve got.

Suggestions or requests for content or design improvements? Email Me. I read every insane one of the emails you send, and if you desperately want to keep the Forums (it’s on the chopping block,) then let me know.

It’s been a brilliant year, thanks to Biz and thanks to you. I want to make sure the experience stays fresh and interesting, and I look forward to seeing all of you bastiches back here soon… 🙂


– Fincher

The Official Fanpage for the appreciation of the amazing artwork of Simon 'Biz' Bisley