Vegas Expo – Special Biz Print offer

Simon will be making a rare US appearance at this weekend’s Las Vegas Comic Expo, and to celebrate they’re giving away this print to certain ticket buyers… check the website to find out more!

The staff at the Las Vegas Comic Expo wants to thank the fan community for your support and enthusiasm with our first event! As a special gift for the direct ticket holders*, LVCE will be awarding the attendees an Exclusive Print by fan favorite artist Simon Bisely. This is a rare U.S. appearance for BIZ, and he will be doing a commemorative signing session on Saturday and Sunday at 11am each day.

*There is less than 1000 of these special prints, awarded to fans purchasing direct tickets on the LVCE/ThunderTix Website, and VIP Members. For fans coming through the doors on one of the special offers, you can upgrade your tickets and be eligible for this special bonus as well.


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