Registering, Spam, Thanks.

I appreciate each and every Biz fan who registers with this site. It’s a validation for what i’m doing here, and it means a lot; it means i’m not just shouting into the void…!

Please, please complete as many details as you can. The growing popularity of the site makes it a target for spammers, and a good way for me to tell the difference can be something as simple as filling in your full name.

I will NEVER sell your details on to marketting companies; they are secure, and the only thing i functionally use them for is to send out an email newsletter once in a while to let you know there’s something new in the shop, or to give you a heads-up about a personnal appearances or signings.

Thanks for your understanding and support!

The Official Fanpage for the appreciation of the amazing artwork of Simon 'Biz' Bisley