Biz Interview with Full Page Bleed at Ottowa 2014

I mean, some of these other superhero characters are just really extraordinarily fuckin’ dull! Dull and miserable. They’re all “I was born to be this…I can’t help what I am…I’m cursed!”

FUCK OFF! If I had their powers, I’d be lovin’ it!

I’d be robbin’ every fuckin’ bank…aw, man. I’d be naughty. I’d be very very naughty. Wouldn’t you?!

Simon recently gave an excellent interview to the folks over at Full Page Bleed while he was in Ottowa – the full thing is here – and it includes some pretty NSFW language; In case you haven’t guessed, Simon’s pretty NSFW in general, so if you’re of a delicate sensiblity you probably shouldn’t read it.

Everybody else enjoy, fraggers!


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