The Rock is still Lobo. Maybe. We still care. Maybe.

Like a few other outlets, we reported Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s attachment to a Lobo movie a little while ago. Then it went away, as big Dwayne moved on to Hercules, and we were back in limbo.

Then he tweeted:

…and we all wondered… is it back on? Was it ever off? Johnson is usually pretty honest with his fans, and is there any other ‘Bad Ass MF’ who’d fit so nicely? It’s worth remembering that a classic Bisley-era ‘Bo movie would discount the the recently ‘revised’ Lobo who doesn’t exactly fit the description of the character Johnson’s being so cagey about.

Momoa as Lobo? Not a huge stretch, is it?

If you’re wondering, Simon reckons the only man to play his Main Man would be his friend Jason Momoa who would be “100% perfect for the part”…

Watch this space, oh long suffering bastiches…

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