Bisley in the wild 2013 – Photographic Evidence

Simon’s done with Cons for 2013 and is hunkering down in the studio to create more fearsome masterpieces.
Here are some of the highlights from his personal appearances this year.

If you’ve got a good story or pic of Simon, send it in!

 Met Biz and talked with him for almost 2 hours on Sunday at NYCC. He did a vulgar sketch of me…which was awesome…and a sketch for my friend Rob Catalano, then we got some pics together. He was always my favorite artist, now he’s one of my favorite people. Can’t wait to see him next year. – Sam Meola

We closed down the Palomino at 2012 Calgary Comic Expo. It was messy. They have musicians sign plates there and illustrated one w us all (as best he could at 2am). I can send a pic. The next day we got to the con late and hurting. Simons table was empty. See ya next year Simon? – Rick Overwater

You were great at NYCC! I was there right in the beginning on Saturday, and you drew me a sketch of the Joker in my book! You even talked to my wife on the phone for a bit because she is a fan of yours too!! Lol great seeing you mate!! – James Pautz

We met Simon at Dallas Comic-Con – how bizarre to talk “British” as soon as we arrived :)) – Joe Conner

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