13 Coins to be released digitally

…presumably because the overheads for a physical print run are prohibitive…

via Bleeding Cool and the 13Coins Facebook page :

The project is described as: “Set in present day New York City, 13 Coins introduces us to John Pozner, an ex-con, who was once a high-school basketball star, on his way to the NBA, until his stint in jail for drugs. But when John meets Samuel Goodwin, he is dragged into the middle of a war between two groups claiming to be descended from Angels – the Sons of Noah, and The Fallen. For centuries these two groups have been fighting a secret war – one for the salvation of man – the other to rule Earth and all mankind. All John wants to do is avenge the death of the woman he loved, but his destiny throws him into the eye of the storm, when they discover that John is more than another angelic descendant. He is a true-blood, and the prize for either side, but which one will he choose? John discovers he has the power to save humanity or destroy it.”

When asked about the delay from the 2010 announcement, [Martin] Brennan [writer] said: “13 Coins is a project that fans of Bisley’s long thought dead in the water. But this has been far from the truth. It’s a project we have always believed in, and continue to believe in, and comic fans will soon be introduced to a new kind of superhero. A dark gritty anti-hero. The kind of hero we all want to see come good.”

Can the addition of hugely talented artists like Ryan Brown, Glenn Fabry and Ben Templesmith (to name but a few) pull this long-suffering project out of the mud? I certainly hope so. It’s always nice to see new (or old) Bisley art, and the addition of this extra talent is just the cherry on the cake…

It’s being released as a six-part series digital download this October, unless there’s another delay; you’ve got to assume that the hold-up in releasing this thing is due to the expense involved in printing the actual books; no-one wants to sink that much money into a project only to have to sit on a warehouse full of unsold copy, after all. Maybe a digital release is the best way to get this thing into the daylight….

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