30 Years of Slaughter… And He didn’t think it too many…

2000AD is publishing the first part of the Book of Scars collection we brought to your attention back in April with “The Guledig” (Clint Langley)

This collection of new Slaine short stories is written by the incomparable Pat Mills and illustrated by great artists from the warrior’s history, notably (from my point of view) Bisley!…

The episodes and artists are as follows :

“The Guledig” by Clint Langley in color. (Prog 1844)

“The Wickerman and the Bride of Crom” by Clint in black and white after Bellardinelli.

“Sky Chariots” by Mike McMahon in black and white.

“El Women and Elfric” by Glenn Fabry in black and white.

“Slough Feg and Crom Cruach” by Simon Bisley in color. (Tharg tells me it’s going to be in Prog 1848, available 4th September.)

“Moloch” by Clint in color.


Variant 1 – Simon Davis
Variant 2 – Clint Langley

Prog 1844 has two variant covers (above) by Simon Davis and Clint Langley.

You can read an excellent article by CBR about the whole fandango here, or follow 2000AD’s coverage on their facebook page here.

News and art as soon as we get it…

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