Fully Painted Bible/Paradise Lost promised!

Paradise lost BIZ (28)b (Large)

Simon went on the record recently with The Intense Art of Simon Bisley and spilled the following rather cool news:

Simon called today to give me an update on his workload and I can let you know that he is currently working hard on the long anticipated 13 Coins project, with another big instalment of The Tower Chronicles to follow after, along with an 8 page Slaine episode for 2000AD and some really exciting personal projects that cant be revealed just yet!
Simon also revealed the exciting news that he will be returning to the Bible/Paradise lost project and reproducing all of the drawings contained in those books as full colour paintings for a brand new, all colour book!

That, combined with the previously reported (here and here) return of Simon to Slaine means that we’re in for a killer crop of Bisley!

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