DC cancels Hellblazer, ending Bisley’s best Covers Showcase since Doom Patrol.

From CBR :

DC Comics announced today that the imprint’s longest running monthly “Hellblazer” series will release its final installment with February’s issue #300. But from the ashes of the popular occult detective’s Silk Cuts cigarettes rises a new series, this one based in the New 52 DC Universe.

Under the guidance of New York Times bestselling author and comic book scribe Robert Venditti, “Constantine” will debut in the wake of his mature audience counterpart’s departure. Joined by artist Renato Guides, Venditti’s stories will take the current Justice League Dark charter member on a trip through the DCU’s magical side roads, promising fans of the character that this Constantine will retain his edge.

This means an end to Bisley’s run of covers for the monthly, which I’m certainly a little sad about. This leaves us with just one more (february 2013) to be released.

I’m really sad about them cancelling the title. I already miss the character; I really enjoyed doing these covers…

– Simon Bisley, November 2012

It’s been a hell of a showcase and I know I’ll miss waiting for each new one… But Biz being Biz, he’s always got something new up his sleeve – we’ll just have to wait and see what’s next!

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