Bisley at ExpoComic in December

If my spanish is right, Bisley will be at the ExpoComic show running from 1st – 4th December in Madrid. Follow them on twatter here because their website directs you to log in. Anybody with more information or a grasp of how to translate this for me, please email me.

-EDIT – Someone did! Thanks to Manuel Rocha for this map and the following info :

The event will be take place from Nov. 29 ’til Sunday (Dec. 2) in the “Matadero” (an old slaughterhouse converted into a cultural events place)

I can see now that because of the 15th anniversary some attendees at the event can spend 45 minutes with different authors. They can ask questions, chat or whatever. As you can imagine, Simon’s requests list is already full.

(This doesn’t mean you won’t see Simon around the Con floor- He’s a very approachable guy and loves chatting to fans!)

Or, thanks to my brother from another mother Said Atala :

Expocómic es un evento de cómics que se celebra anualmente en Madrid desde 1998. Contó con el patrocinio del Ayuntamiento de Madrid y del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes; lo organiza la Asociación Española de Amigos del Cómic (AEAC), y ha sido dirigido por Paul de Muck y actualmente por Emilio Gonzalo.

Entre las actividades que se llevan a cabo, están los concursos cosplay, firmas de autógrafos y eventos con las editoriales.


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