Young Thor vs. Frost Giants in September

Thor-God-of-Thunder-25-Bisley-df4cbAs I previously mentioned, Simon has done a variant cover for Thor: God Of Thunder #25. For those with a short memory, the image is on the right hand side (click to embiggen)

Now Newsarama and BamSmackPow have given us a first look at some interior pages, including a glimpse at the Young Thor vs. Frost Giants story illustrated by Biz!




The final issue of Thor : God of Thunder is out in September, and all indications are that it’s an epic send-off…

Women from History – Queen of Sheba

Another lady from the on-again-off-again series of Women from History has surfaced; this time it’s the Queen of Sheba, and she’s for sale! Anyone with nearly $7K should click this link and have a nice day. Everyone else, look here! Remember to check out the rest of the collection right here

Queen of Sheba

Queen of Sheba