Bisley’s Lobo ‘inspiration’ for ongoing book, but it’s hard to see exactly how…

loboposterFollowing Lobo’s reboot in DC’s New 52, fans of the ‘classic’ character created by Grant and Bisley were a little incensed. Although he’d been created by Keith Giffen and Roger Slifer, Lobo was brought to the fore in the most part by Alan Grant and Simon Bisley in the 90′s, remolded as a parody of that era’s excesses and gleeful ultraviolence; More recently he was re-imagined again  in, to put it kindly, sleeker form; In this exclusive CBR interview with the creative team behind October’s ongoing Lobo series, artist Reilly Brown and writer Cullen Bunn get to grips with how they see the character developing, but offer a nice nod to Biz in the very last line…

 For me, [Bisley's] visuals really defined what the character’s all about. -Cullen Bunn

As a fan, I’m sad to see the old ‘Bo bite the dust; He was a defining part of what drew me to Bisley’s work. I hope they give the old bastard a proper send-off, but it looks like he’s going to be labelled ‘faux-bo’ and trashcanned, which kinda invalidates what we loved about him: The Last Czarnian was lying all along? I guess retcon’s a bitch.


Biz Interview with Full Page Bleed at Ottowa 2014

I mean, some of these other superhero characters are just really extraordinarily fuckin’ dull! Dull and miserable. They’re all “I was born to be this…I can’t help what I am…I’m cursed!”

FUCK OFF! If I had their powers, I’d be lovin’ it!

I’d be robbin’ every fuckin’ bank…aw, man. I’d be naughty. I’d be very very naughty. Wouldn’t you?!

Simon recently gave an excellent interview to the folks over at Full Page Bleed while he was in Ottowa – the full thing is here – and it includes some pretty NSFW language; In case you haven’t guessed, Simon’s pretty NSFW in general, so if you’re of a delicate sensiblity you probably shouldn’t read it.

Everybody else enjoy, fraggers!


Dark Judges Trading Card Images

From Steve Riley’s ComicArtFans profile come Dredd’s greatest nemeses – The Dark Judges! Additional thanks to David Hitchcock for the prelim of Judge Fire!


The History of Joe Pineapples

Curious fan HatchetJob emailled Simon a little while ago with an interesting question;


I just wondered if Bisley\’s Joe Pineapples was influenced by Elisabeth Frink\’s Goggle Heads sculptures.

Any Idea?

He raises an interesting point. When you look at the link he sent, you get the image here on the left.

So I sent the question to Simon. And lo, the answer came back :

Never seen this women’s sculptures.

My influence for joe was Jacob Epsteins ‘The Rock Drill’

And he even sent a nice picture for reference (Epstein on the Left, Bisley on the right for comparison:)

Joe Pineapples - Cool Assassin

…so that’s settled that. Thanks to HatchetJob and Biz, and the Tate Gallery for the Frink & Epstein pictures.