eBay FAKES – Harley & Joker ripoffs



As if you needed to be told, these are NOT Bisleys

When reaching out to the vendor, we got this back.

ya okay!!! first off you cant just go around saying they are fake. and i just communicated with Simon not only are you blocked! your are actually talking to a Disneyland representative!!!! learn professionalism schmuck!

So there you go.


  • 32-44-33-34-24

    Sheesh. The style is all wrong anyways. How can someone–as a fan of Bisley–possibly mistake this as genuine?

    To the OP: You should file a report with Ebay. They have a strict rule about false claims on items (and this clearly is). They’ll be forced to remove the fake art when the seller can’t come up with adequate proof that it’s the real deal.

  • These are image produced from the film. How do these have anything to do with Bisley? I’m just saying to those bidding on this? Disgusting.

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