Paint vs. Pixels

CreativeBloq has posted an interview with Simon in which he outlines his feelings about digital art.

“It doesn’t matter what medium you use, or how you get to it – it all ends up on a screen”

“I think the main thing is there’s a resurgence of comic book artists. People in the games industry have realised that we’re quite good at designing as well as illustrating stuff, and we come up with our own concepts. So yeah, there’s a great future for it.”

He’s sanguine about the upsurge in digital art and artists, he’s got a sense of humour and there’s a quote about sex. Go on, read it for yourself! What am I, your mother?!

  • I had a lot of issue working digitally. I couldn’t get a the certain quality I was looking for. Bisley inspired a slew of artists including myself and when I was in high school his work is what drove me to want to paint. I had no idea how he did his work. I only used marker and color pencils then. For a number of years after I was painting in acrylics and oils and saw a few Bisley paintings at conventions I attempted to try to make digital paintings and although I got some success and it helped me figure out certain compositional and color ideas the final product lacked something. Today I go back and forth, but ultimately settling on the final being in acrylics.

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