A Bloody Disgusting plea to keep Lobo metal

I shared this on the Facebook page last night when it came through, so here it is in a little more detail.

Zac Thompson at Bloody Disgusting has posted a heartfelt, nay, plegm-covered open letter to DC. He’s putting crusty, congealed pen to paper to outline his wish… to keep Lobo metal.

This new image wipes away everything that’s great about the character. I couldn’t see Simon Bisley drawing this version of Lobo. This is not the badass motherfucker who’s banned from both Heaven and Hell.

Biz is on record as saying something pretty similar; the problem is, nobody seems to want metal these days. Maybe ‘Bo should play a mandolin and grow his beard longer.

I actually got pretty upset looking at this panel

but then I remembered he’s fraggin’ immortal.

It’s cool, guys.

He’s immortal.

  • Paulo R. Mendes

    The Old Lobo were a slaver dressed like some sort of sick space biker that killed his entire own species. Meanwhile, the Real Lobo is a former respected military man turned mercenary/bounty hunter. Personally, if I could choose between the two I would prefer the REAL (new) Lobo.

  • Eugene Joubert

    WTF?!? Lobo going Fagoth

  • fryer

    Maybe he has a court appearance

  • Lemmy vs Justin Bieber… NO WAY !

  • WTF u can’t do that to the Main’Man. If that is the new Lobo i draw him for myself and publish it. FUCK i can’t believe it what u’ve done…
    Simon should kick ya ass and get the whole rights for ‘Bo imo

    Greetz a Lobo Fanartist

  • New Lobo, get the fuck out!!! For me, Lobo always looks like this http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-JmUMPV2W11M/UZzaRMQ0_rI/AAAAAAAAAyo/Lh6T4fsfY2s/s1600/lobo-bisley-08.jpg

    New Lobo – fagot!

  • carlo bocchio

    a motherfucker female shorthair pretend to slash The Man?
    WTF shame on DC comis these days!

  • This is a fu¢king disgrace! It’s a slap in the face to all real Logo fans…. and also Simon.

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