Shock of Green released into the wild…

Chris Brindle risked life, limb and sanity to film this epic. He was embedded with Bisley for two days while the Master let loose on this mammoth painting of signature Batman nemesis The Joker. Sit down, crack open a beverage and enjoy!


  • colin

    Amazing to finally see him at work on a big piece, loads of stuff explained i wondered about when I look at his art, Like the knife on the board. Only wish I could have heard more of the conversation where he appears to be explaining his thought process,.. that aside it was well worth watching,..he really is the master. Thanks for filming.

  • Check the biz tv youtube friday 11th oct,I’m uploading better quality videos in 10 sections, one every week. Friday is BIZday on youtube, all you painters can check it out in better quality so you can see how he does it.


    Four days in fact. Arrived noon on a Friday, watched BIz pencil out a hellblazer cover in less than an hour, had a few beers, filmed him pencil and ink joker, ha
    d a few beers, shot the interviews released as the bisley tapes, while having a few beers. Saturday an sunday were spent filming the painting, left Kastle Bizley at noon on monday rounding off a nice long weekend. Simon’s been on phone about it, he’s had to buy another cellphone as from first trailer being posted he’s had more calls and texts about this than he can handle. Hilarious, he can hardly get anything done thanksto this film. Some people eh ? I told him a week ago we could expect a ‘massive’ six or seven hundredviews in a week. Actual response of 2300 views in first 24 hours rising to 8000 afte a week. Biz was impressed by fan response and humbled by the praise lavished upon his work and this insight into his working methods. Big thanks to ecbt2000ad and CBR for spreading the word and getting viewers from beyond the hardcore of biz fans and into greatercomic fandom. Something cool willhappen later this month. Meanwhile you can all practice car paint canning, spit palming, knifing up the surface and the highly secretive sock-footing techniques Simon uses and credits his success to.

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