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We got an email. Then we got others. It seems that despite the long queues and crappy parking at the Detroit Motor City ComicCon, many of you got in to meet Simon and had stories to tell. Here are a couple of the edited versions…

Tell BIZ thanks for coming to Detroit and putting up with the shits… The annoying little “painter” fucking guy, that’s me. Who kept asking him when his painting video was coming out, so he could learn how to fucking paint. And also HARRIET says “HI”. HAIRiet being the beautiful lass he saw Fri, with the hairy arms and mustache….”hope that’s not her real name!” And as soon as I pay off may house, I want to invest in that $75,000.00 Spider-man he had…”FUCK!, I hope it didn’t sell!” THANKS TO BIZ and hopefully he comes next year….I’ll bring the BEER and PAINT if he let’s me see how he does it!….That’s PAINTING silly!! Enjoy him in Glasgow!

– Marv


Biz is the man that got me reading comics, it was the Lobo mini series. I was really excited to see he was coming to the motorcity comic con. thru the years i have stopped reading comics as much but have remained a fan of his art. meeting him was the highlight of the convention for me, especially after i found out he was doing skectches. He did an amazing Lobo sketch for me on saturday. his line was long and moved slow due to the detail he put into the drawing, but he was very entertaining and interacted with the line. waiting in line has never been so entertaining, he even used my knife to open his beer, how that for a story to walk away with. It was an awsome experience…… Thanks Biz for making motorcity comic con worth the price of admission.

– Rob

I’ll pass these on to Biz, and a sincere THANK YOU to everyone for letting us know how  your MCCC went! 🙂

  • victor

    It’s coming. Will be called Shock of Green and the reaser trailer is already on yootoob


    Turns out it’s not my last word, the Joker is 60 by 80 inches (5 feet by 6 feet 8 inches) not 40 by 80 as I previously stated


    Right, I can answer this as I shot one of BIZ’s painting videos and edited 2 others. A Swisraeli guy called Gil has videos he made of BIZ painting in Paris and England in 2007 (a Weird Skull with Snaketail and Knife blade and a Ranxerox head on a leather jacket) I’ve edited them and they run at about 45 minutes a piece. They are part on a large ongoing documentary series Gil’s filming about a fine art gallery show featuring BIZ and Euro comic legend Tanino Liberatore (of RanXerox fame) and are under Gil’s control to be released as both advertising for the show and behind the scenes stuff. It’s a big project and as it’s still in development so there’s no way of knowing when the show, or the videos will happen. All I can say is it will be Awesome ! The other video of BIZ painting a huge 40 by 80 inch Joker face was shot by myself in September 2011 and has been whittled down from 15 hours or so to a lean, mean 1 hour 48 minute Artumentary that’s in it’s final stages now, with only a few nips, tucks and colour changes to be made. Roughcut DVDs are in circulation but under the highest security rating outside of the safe George Dubya Bush keeps his Porno Mags in. The Joker video is a separate project from Gil’s documentary but, as it features a piece from that show, cannot be released prior to the exhibition. So, in summary, They exist, They are pretty darn good but when they’ll emerge is anyone’s guess. I wish I knew more but I’m as in the dark as anyone about the timescale/status of the gallery show, so shut up, be patient and when the time’s right BIZ himself will alert his web admins to announce the releases and post the links here and on the intense art facebook page. I’m too busy to do the BIZ tv facebook/Twitter pages these days and am focused purely on the production of the videos, not web based stuff about them. This is my last word on the matter till the videos emerge. Best, VICTOR x

    • Marv

      Tanks Vic… I’ll keep FKin practicing and keepin my one eye open! Marv…

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