New Old Artwork – The Origin of Biz?

Thanks to James Newell, we have these two archaeological finds: Is the first the image that got given to Pat Mills and kickstarted Simon’s career onto ABC Warriors? It seems likely, although Biz is unreachable for comment at the moment… The second is just a cool picture of Mean Machine (although as at least one commenter points out, how’s Mean going to fire that gun with his stump?)

Anyone care to confirm that Metal Warrior hypothesis?

metalwarriormo-front meanmachine

  • These are so damn cool. I have the 1991 edition of ABC Warriors: The Black Hole by Biz and it’s a great read. Reminds me of playing 40k and listening to Iron Maiden in high-school :).
    In any case, I believe Angel would be firing that gun with voice activation as it’s set to Auto (and who knows what Auto is capable of in the far future? Just look at Gunnar from Rogue Trooper!).

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