Helluva Joker



Speechless. I always love it when Biz gets a chance to work on a grand scale, and recently the big stuff seems to be going to one collector. Mr Chaya, if you’re out there… thank you!

  • Suburbicide

    When do we get to see the videos?!?

    • Whenever they’re edited. I understand there’s a lot of material to be sorted through and condensed, but we’re all excited to see what I’m sure will be a great insight into Bisley’s process and an amazing piece of work!

  • VictorFrankenstein

    You may as well repost the image. It was let out of the bag and now it’s all over the show. Thank fuck I kept all the other stuff to myself so it can only be released when the time’s right. There’s 2 1/2 days of video of BIZ doing this from a blank sheet of art board up to the image everyone’s seen. Shows his technique and the amazing speed he works at, Best video I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a few unreleased ones.

  • PeteSteele
  • weyden

    Incredible joker !!!!!! You can not put a picture of this big picture? is to see the details, thanks.

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